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For about 15 years, I was living a stressful and unhealthy life (… with chronic back pain & indigestion) climbing up the corporate ladder. In 2018, Yoga helped me take that leap of faith to quit and gradually reclaim the power of living a healthy and mindful life that aligns with my passion. If this transformation can happen to me, it can happen to any of you. It is not about quitting a job, but about the determination to live a better life and be our better selves. Today, I am dedicated to helping people supercharge their physical and mental health with yoga as I do.


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Everything from eating well to changing our mindset for growth requires habits that make such behaviours part of our daily life. Transformation comes from good habits, and it takes discipline, courage and hard work on a daily basis to keep those habits in place. If living a healthier life is your goal, doing yoga at home can be one of the most accessible ways for any BODY to start anytime.

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“Kristy teaches with passion! And she is able to explain the postures in detail and help everyone in the class do yoga poses correctly. Much better than those big yoga chains!

– Janet L.

“The beginners’ workshop helps me understand the details of each basic yoga posture and move! Kristy is very patient and attentive and she corrected me on a few wrong postures! Recommend this class if you want to build a good foundation for your yoga practice!”

– Karen H.

“Kristy is the best yoga instructor I have ever met. She is professional, gentle and patient. I enjoy her classes. Highly recommend to every yoga lover.”

– Sammi S.


– Rachel A.

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